Northern Hidden Treasures Music Company

primary focus

Northern Hidden Treasures is a music recording company based in Oslo. Our primary focus as a company is on Nordic artists. The Nordic region has diversified music background. You will find music of all genre and styles.


entertainment world

The founder, Jessica Tromso has many years’ experience in the entertainment world. She owns some entertainment joints including nightclubs and restaurant in Sweden. The experience has made it possible for her to work with many upcoming and seasoned artists in the Nordic region. Being married to a Nordic has helped Jessica Tromso relate within the Nordic culture and be able to understand the community needs regarding music and entertainment. The recording company, which was created in 2012, primary obligation is to improve the music scene in the region by working with artists to produce music that the locals will gladly receive and relate to. It is not just about recording but making sure every song produced resonates with the needs of the local entertainment industry. The Nordic culture is very diverse and to be able to create music that will be received by all takes hard work, experience, and patience. Our founder also plays at online casinos. More preferably at Thai online casinos. Check out Happy Luke casino at Happyluke TH.

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This has helped Jessica Tromso understand the needs people have and relate to their moods. People desire different types of music depending on their mood, occasion, time of day and activities. Music should not only entertain but should also inspire and educate.

recording company

It is the recording company’s wish that every piece that it produces impacts the listeners’ lives. Whether it is a disco song, a folk song, love or any other type of music, it should have the substance that will impact not just the current generation but many others to come. For the music to achieve its intended purpose, a deeper understanding of the entertainment needs of the people around is essential.

Why a Nordic Music Recording Company

Being in the entertainment world made Jessica Tromso realize that there was a need to create Nordic music that was at par with the set international music standards. This means that anyone anywhere in the globe should listen to the Nordic music and agree that it is a piece of art that is well articulated and has not lost touch with its Nordic roots. The influx of international music into the Nordic region is also a significant threat to the local music. It is slowly killing the local music which means that the Nordic culture will even be lost as well.

Nordic music

Creating Nordic music is a means of getting true to our Nordic roots.

our music

Every time a Nordic song is played at a nightclub or on a radio station, it reminds of our great culture and pride as a region. We can preserve our heritage and carry it on to the future generations through our music.

Nordic music

Because of modernization, there is also need to create Nordic music that appeals to the current generation. Folk songs are okay, but the young age also needs to feel that they have their desires met. Some result to the international music because they cannot relate to the local music.


They need music full of energy, songs they can dance to and also musicians they can connect with. If they find what they want in the local industry, they will not look for alternatives elsewhere. If we can be able to capture their attention with our Nordic music, 

young generation

we can also pass knowledge, guidance, wisdom, and inspiration to them easily. This means that we will have a young generation that is proud of our Nordic culture and will not mind carrying it on to the future.