Musical workshops on online gambling by Pronto Casino

Pronto Casino is a great online casino that offers the option to play casino games without registering. And you are still entitled to a Pronto Casino Bonus when choosing to play at this casino. You can even get a no deposit bonus at sign up when you search for the keyword gratis speelgeld bij registratie. We are offering this information in Dutch because the event that we worked for took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. So let’s take a look at the event and after that we’ll tell you all about the casino.

Online casino workshops

The event was organised by Pronto Casino and revolved mainly around the new slot machine regulations in the Netherlands. As a big, international casino it is important to let stakeholders know about the status of the license in the countries that it operates. This time it was the turn of the Netherlands. The status around online gambling is quite complicated as it is about to be legalized, but this keeps getting postponed. Many of the stakeholders don’t know the latest status and that’s why Pronto Casino thought it’d be helpful to organize an entire day filled with workshops on this topic and leave enough room for questions. It ended with a free dinner for all, accompanied by a jazz concert that we organized.

Pronto Casino Bonus

The Pronto Casino Bonus that you’ll receive always contains at least a monetary bonus after your first deposit and free spins after your second deposit. If you look for the term Gratis speelgeld bij registratie, you’ll also be entitled to a no deposit bonus. This will most likely consist of free spins. But be aware, since Pronto Casino is quite special in the way that you don’t need to register, it also doesn’t really advertise its bonuses actively. So if you want to enjoy the bonuses, you might be better off going to a casino portal first. So find out the best pronto casino bonus 2020 and play with the bonus money.

Casino portals

In case you are not familiar yet with casino portals, we will explain shortly what these are. Basically, they are nothing more than websites that offer information about online gambling. If you are at a good portal, it’ll offer you all the information that you can think of relating to online casinos. And they offer the best bonuses, including the best Pronto Casino Bonus. So if you look for Gratis speelgeld bij registratie, you are most likely to end up at a portal. If you click on the link of one of these portals to Pronto Casino, you’ll be entitled to the best bonuses. And that includes the no deposit bonus.

Casino bonus wagering requirements

Unfortunately, nothing is for free. And so you’ll have to put in some effort to actually be able to withdraw the money that you earn with a casino bonus, no matter if it’s a monetary of free spins bonus. Usually you have to wager the entire amount 25 to 50 times to make the money your own. In some casinos you even have to wager your own deposited money as well when you get a reload bonus. This is not the case at Pronto Casino. Also, you need to wager the money within a given time frame. The limit is usually 30 to 90 days, which can be easy or hard, depending on the amount of time you have to play.

Party with a casino

Besides all the bonus fun and great games that Pronto Casino offers, it also throws parties in true online casino style. If you have heard about online casinos before, you might know that their events are usually epic. This is no different for Pronto Casino. The day event was pretty calm and formal, with important information being shared. However, after that part was done, the partying began. True online casino style. What was special about it, was that all drinks were named after casino games, like roulette, craps and baccarat. There were also some iPads that allowed visitors to try out the games online for free. And whoever got a high score, won a couple of cocktails. As this high score was constantly improved, there were a lot of free cocktails offered. All of this, while enjoying our jazz music. Start playin now with gratis speelgeld bij registratie and hopefully win some money.