Nordic Artists

Top Nordic Artists You Should be Listening To

There are so many things that Scandinavia is known for.

beautiful people

From their beautiful people, their immense contribution to cuisine, design, and arts— it is hardly a surprise to find that they have also made a mark in the music scene. It is quite remarkable that they have effortlessly been breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope in the music scene to transform it into the industry it is now today.

There are several names that have uplifted the Scandinavian music scene and have made Nordic music available and appealing to the rest of the world. From Tove Lo to Robyn, these are artists very well-deserving of the attention and worldwide acclaim that they now enjoy. That being said, here are some Nordic artists you probably are not aware of but you should definitely be listening to.


This fresh-faced singer and songwriter is a refreshing addition to the music scene in every sense of the world.

Bursting with pure talent and stage charisma minus the usually overtly-sexualized images that many a pop singer is associated with these days, she is indeed a breath of fresh air. However, do not let that innocent exterior fool you as she is never one to shy away from hard-hitting lyrics— delivered, of course with the coolness that she is known for. She even took home the Music Sound of 2018 award from the BBC.


Known as the ‘cosmic disco king’ of Scandinavia, Prins Thomas or Thomas Moen Hermansen has been in the music scene for more than 15 years. Known for his eclectic music combining elements such as psychedelia, kraut-rock, and chilled out beats, his music is a contrast of energetic and chilled out that are sure to transport the listeners to a different realm. Apparently, he takes inspiration from the train rides he takes in Norway where there are so many empty spaces which leads him to create music that is supposed to fill all those empty spaces— quite a great artist to listen to if you want to just chill out and relax.


Often being compared with Bjork, this young artist is known for cultivating her own signature style of organic and elaborate while also being primal and vulnerable at the same time. Her videos often have that whimsical feel to them— effectively complimenting her ethereal voice. She has even made her personal take on songs by Oasis and David Bowie and is certainly one of the young Nordic artists of today who’s destined for bigger and better things.


You’ve probably heard of their most famous song Take on Me, but you probably had no idea they actually hail from Norway. When Morten Harket, Paul Waaktar-Savoy and Magne Furuhomen made it to the top of the charts in the 80’s, they helped paved the way for the generation MTV. They disbanded in 2010 but decided to reunite in 2015 and have been playing good Nordic music ever since.

Lars Winnerback

Lars Winnerback’s folk/pop rock music is influenced by Bob Dylan and Swedish artist Ulf Lundell.

foreign listeners

Born in 1975 in Stockholm, he mainly focuses his music on the many fears and problems that are faced by society day by day. Known for his powerful lyrics, he often deals with such themes as romance, shallowness, anxiety, and prejudice among others. With songs that are penned in Swedish, this gives listeners a full grasp on the Swedish society and culture. His music would be a great resource for foreign listeners who are trying to learn the language.

Todd Terje

One of the artists credited for starting the space disco genre 20 years ago, Todd Terje is a record producer, DJ, and songwriter. One of his most notable songs, Inspector Norse, is a house track released in 2012. One of 25 DJs that the Rolling Stone magazine has dubbed to rule the earth, his often weaves his sense of humor through his work.


This three-piece band hails from Iceland and is known for their unique music combining synthpop, chilled out beats, and dreamy electronica. With their chilled out, easy to listen to music, Samaris will never fail to transport you into a dreamlike, hazy, ethereal state— certainly making them a great addition to any playlist.