Our Artists

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We as a music recording company are dedicated to offering our services to Nordic artists.

producing Nordic songs

These are people who have the passion for producing Nordic songs. Our artists range from well-known and popular local and international stars and the upcoming ones. No one is discriminated, and as long as you have the potential to sing and entertain the local and global community not forgetting to carry the Nordic culture along, you are welcome to record with us. We will help you not only to record the songs but also to create music that resonates with, and gets a positive response from the Nordic people.

Why Nordic Artists

Many would wonder why we choose to only work with artists who are interested in producing Nordic music.

This is because as a recording company, our primary objective is to entertain and ensure that the Nordic community gets music that they can relate to.


We greatly promote our culture and by so doing, produce music that will not only preserve the culture but will also market as internationally.


People all over the world can only get to know of our deep culture if we incorporate it into our lives and in this case, our music.

all types of artists

We work with all types of artists. Some specialize in folk music, others in love songs while others in modern music but the primary objective is to keep all our music Nordic. Being in the entertainment world for long and also because we are part of the Nordic community, we realize that there is the need to encourage more artists to produce Nordic songs. The songs should be filled with the Nordic culture, and at the same time fulfill the desire for entertainment. Whether it is a disco song people can dance along to or a love song, the key is that the song should carry the Nordic style and element.

produce quality songs

To help our artists produce quality songs, we must have an immense knowledge of the Nordic culture and the entertainment expectations from the community at large.

international music

We should be aware of the international music standards to ensure that our songs are competitive not just locally but on the international scene as well. The experience we have in the entertainment world has been transferred into the songs we record and produce. We also train and transfer the knowledge to the upcoming artists.

ready songs

Some of the artists we work with have ready songs they would like us to produce for them while there are those we work hand in hand in creating the music. We have an expert production team that helps all the artists come up with great music. 

Nordic music record

We have helped many artists start and maintain thriving careers both locally and internationally with the Nordic music we record. Even though we are based in Oslo, we can work with any artist, even from other regions as long as they are willing to produce quality Nordic music. Through our artists, we carry on the message of love, pride, and inspiration.